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screen printing Minneapolis

screen printing Minneapolis

What's the difference between screen printing and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing? DTG is a process of printing logos, images, and artwork directly from a digital file to a shirt. Screen printing could be considered a much more traditional process where a screen is burnt for every color used in the design, and graphics are laid down in layers to make a beautiful design.

How Screaming Eagle Does Screen Printing in Minneapolis

The first step for any screen printing job is to separate the artwork. For example, we'll first lay the white under base and then add each and every color in the artwork in succession. It doesn't matter which color your garment is. Screen printing works fine on all colors.

Once we separate colors, the next step will be to turn the artwork into individual films that will then be burnt into the screens. We'll use half-tones to trick people's eyes so that they see multiple colors when they look at the design, even though we only print with six colors. Once the artwork has been burnt into the screens, we will rinse it out with water after it has been exposed to UV light.

Following burning the screens, we'll send them over to the automatic. Again, we'll always apply colors in order. If we're printing on black, the first color will always be a white under base. By using a white under base, it will make your other colors and design pop from the shirt.

Next, a flash will be used to cure the under base for about six seconds at 425 degrees. We'll then add our colors to the artwork.

Printing with DTG

When printing with DTG, we are sending the artwork from a computer to the printing machine. This is the same way that you would send it to your printer in your home office. When performing a DTG print, we'll first need to treat any dark garments so that they can hold the white. Then, we can put colors in the design on top of it.

Once the pre-treat has been applied, we'll use a dryer and heat press to prepare the print surface to be smooth and ready to print. DTG prints are typically thought of as being better for capturing a photographic feel, as they tend to have better resolution than screen printing. The downside of DTG printing is that it is not very fast. We can only do up to 20 units an hour with DTG. When screen printing, we can do between 400 - 600 prints an hour. This means that we can provide screen printing in Minnesota for much cheaper.

When we are dealing with more than 100 pieces, we will go 100% screen printing.

Contact Screaming Eagle for Screen Printing in Minneapolis

If you have any questions about our screen printing services, give us a call. At the moment, we are only offering screen printing services to our clients. Let us know how we can help.

screen printing Minneapolis
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